Welcome to Blendeq: Pioneers in sustainable wood composite
wall and facade cladding.

Blendeq originated from the innovative construction concept of Verior Modular Solutions aimed at high-quality and sustainable prefab construction. This is where the enormous demand for high-quality composite wall and facade products with the appearance of real wood has arisen.

Our Construction Background

Our origins lie in construction, where we saw first-hand the demand for reliable and sustainable materials for facade applications. It was this experience that inspired us to create Blendeq as a specialist entity within our construction group, focused on delivering high-quality wood composite products.

Sustainability as a Core Value

At Blendeq, sustainability is central to everything we do. Our wood composite solutions are manufactured not only with performance in mind, but also with a deep-rooted commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the construction industry. We strive for a sustainable and future-oriented approach to construction methods and ease of use for the end user.

Innovative Applications

Our products are shaped by a constant drive for innovation. Whether it concerns cladding, decking or other applications, Blendeq brings cutting-edge wood composite technology to the construction world. We believe that innovation is the key to a more efficient and environmentally friendly construction practice.

Advice and installation
At Blendeq, we strive not only to deliver top quality products, but also to give you a seamless experience. Upon request, our expert team can even take care of the installation, so that your project is realized with precision.