Purchasing benefits
As a Blendeq partner you enjoy significant purchasing benefits, including our fixed low quotation prices. This means that you have access to high-quality wood composite products at very competitive rates. In addition, we offer additional discounts for full pallet orders, allowing you to save even more on larger projects. These competitive prices allow you to plan and execute your projects efficiently, without having to worry about unexpected costs
Our expert advisors are always ready to support you with professional advice and technical expertise. Whether it's choosing the right products, preparing quotes or supervising installation work, we strive to make your experience as a Blendeq partner seamless and rewarding.
Digital files
As Blendeq, we provide digital files and drawings to professionals such as architects and contractors, allowing our high-quality wood composite products to be effortlessly integrated into any drawing program. This service enables professionals to integrate our products into their designs with precision and control, making the process efficient and the end result optimally visualized.

You can leave your contact details below and indicate which files or documents you need. We will then contact you as soon as possible.